Job outline and career prospects

Job outline and prospects

The technician of facility management works in all task fields in complex building systems regarding technical, organizational and business matters .

Future fields of activity can be located in the most versatile areas. So the technician can be employed in shopping centres, hotel complexes or hospitals or also in the building administration or in planning offices.

You can qualify  so that you can take on responsibility in technical, business management and personnel-related questions in an interesting field of activity.

Main training emphases

The prospective technician of facility management is involved in all sections which are important to the management and administration of buildings: -

- sanitary, heating and air conditioning engineering -
- electrical and data processing technology -
- systems control engineering -
- building economy -
- staff matters

The technician of facility management will structure and solve problems in these sectors  independently ,even under difficult  conditions. By working in teams social qualifications are also trained during the FE course.