This course prepares for designing and planning interiors including furniture. After the final examination you are competent to tackle contract furnishing commissions for shops, restaurants and exhibition stands. The accomplished skills also enable to work in related areas like technical illustration. Career opportunities are with architects , interior design companies , furniture stores or the furniture industry.
Planning procedures, designing and construction are components of your future employment. Client presentation techniques are also essential. Project management skills are continuously required to solve the design problems.

The course RI (Interior Design) covers:

  • information and communication software
  • sketching / CAD drawing / 3-D-modelling
  • design history / history of architecture
  • theory of design
  • basics of business economics
  • foreign language (English)
  • research techniques
  • excursions

These studies are increasingly taught in an interdisciplinary and teamwork-based approach. Another key objective is the development of personal independence and social competence.

The design projects are often based on authentic comissions. Clients are e.g. a sports shop or a toy store.