Furniture Manufacturing

The course "Woodworking Manufacturing/Furniture Technology" opens a lot of professional opportunities. Wood technicians are found in woodworking industries, crafts workshops and in related branches. Due to their manifold training in technical, management and organizational subjects, their future field of work is the mid-level management.

Especially in computer aided wood processing the demand for technicians has been increasing  in the last years. Technicians are also employed in supplying industries.
Another field of work is the counsel and charge of customers.

Technicians  also work in architectural and civil engineer offices. The college adapts the training to the changing requests. Because of that a continuous exchange of information with the manufacturing industry is vital. Along with the technical subjects the communicative competence is achieved through teamwork and adequate assignments. The technical subjects cover all joinery products such as windows, doors, custom-made or serial furniture . From design to construction approaches are developed for different business types taking into account the property of  materials and optimal management.
In all subjects wood processing-, calculating- and CAD- programs are applied, therefore the first year takes much time in learning the operation of the PC. In addition the schools offers the possibility to implement constructive concepts developed by students in their own workshop equipped with standard and CNC- machines.

Besides the education to a wood processing technician it is possible to take the master exam of joinery in the business, the vocational and the educational parts and to get the REFA- certificate.